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XTRACT v3.1.3 Update 2018

New Features

  • Added rebar groups with the ability to bundle bars in square, rectangular and circular bar arrangements.
  • Added plastic moment Mp and nominal moment Mp capacities to the analysis report.
  • Added effective section properties Ieff to the analysis report.
  • Various bug fixes.

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Our Software Selection


    WinSEISAB is an analysis tool that allows the bridge engineer to keep pace with developments in seismic design of bridges.

  • WinABUD

    WinABUD designs or checks a reinforced concrete abutment using the 1996 AASHTO with Interims and Revisions by Caltrans.

  • WinRECOL

    WinRECOL analyzes, designs or checks a reinforced concrete columns.

  • WinFAD

    WinFAD is a computer program developed to assist the bridge engineer in designing or checking spread and pile concrete footings subjected to eccentrically applied axial loads that produce biaxial bending moments.

  • WinBDS

    WinBDS analyzes or designs orthogonal bridge frames and is applicable to the majority of concrete bridges being designed today.

  • CAPP

    CAPP is a fully functional 2-D pushover program with unique and unprecedented analytical and modeling capabilities.


    AVI FILE CREATOR allows the user to create computer animation of the section under the applied loading while simultaneously showing a graph of the response.