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ANALYSIS CAPABILITIES: CAPP uses an event-to-event load incrementation strategy coupled with an equilibrium error correcting Newton-Raphson algorithm to ensure accuracy of calculated response. Load Combinations allow for combining the non-push load cases together with load factors before the push analysis is performed to capture effects of the structure's initial state of stress. CAPP allows the user to analyze various push load patterns in the same model file to envelope overall structure behavior. Graphically, during analysis, the user can observe structure nonlinear deformations, location of nonlinearity and various limit states of yielding components.

USER INTERFACE: The CAPP user interface is easy to use and quick to learn. Nodes and members can be quickly generated. Column lines can be highlighted, copied, and pasted to a new location or can just be dragged to a new coordinate. With the thumbnail viewer, the user can quickly jump from one area to another and zooms into a detailed structural model. The Input File editor allows the user to change the input file directly and update it graphically or change items within the interface and see the automatic updating within the input file. As with the companion program XTRACT, all material, sections, hinges, elements, reports, and data are available in a tree view Project Manager for easy access, manipulation, and extraction. The powerful interface allows the user to view the force diagrams, reactions, displaced shapes, locations of nonlinearity, and trace element/hinge nonlinear behavior at any load step, from gravity to collapse.

READY REPORT GENERATION: CAPP provides a professional suite of single page engineering reports tailored to the needs of the production office. The Push Over Analysis Report includes most significant engineering data with the bilinearized force displacement (pushover curve) depicting overall system response. Element reports show local diagrams, plastic rotations, displaced shapes, and relevant member data.

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CAPP Features

CAPP is a fully functional 2-D pushover program with unique and unprecedented analytical and modeling capabilities. CAPP is applicable to both the nonlinear analysis of buildings and bridges with output results generated and reported in a practical and engineering report format.

Important features include:
  • Multi-Linear Nonlinear Hinge Elements to model any connection and/or plastic hinge behavior including strain hardening, strain softening, asymmetric moment rotation response, and rigid-plastic capabilities.
  • Moment-Axial Force interaction hinges to capture effects of axial load on moment yielding.
  • Multi-Linear Nonlinear Axial Spring Elements to capture behavior of nonlinear foundations, unbounded brace behavior, buckling braces, and nonlinear trusses.
  • P - D effects
  • Fully functional beam elements with offsets, releases, and moment rotation hinges.
  • Pile Elements that include bilinear P-Y curves and T-Z curves with varying effects through the depth and plastic hinges that form within the elements as yield moments are exceeded.
  • Full pushover capabilities with any user defined load pattern and user defined limit state.

Our Software Selection


    WinSEISAB is an analysis tool that allows the bridge engineer to keep pace with developments in seismic design of bridges.

  • WinABUD

    WinABUD designs or checks a reinforced concrete abutment using the 1996 AASHTO with Interims and Revisions by Caltrans.

  • WinRECOL

    WinRECOL analyzes, designs or checks a reinforced concrete columns.

  • WinFAD

    WinFAD is a computer program developed to assist the bridge engineer in designing or checking spread and pile concrete footings subjected to eccentrically applied axial loads that produce biaxial bending moments.

  • WinBDS

    WinBDS analyzes or designs orthogonal bridge frames and is applicable to the majority of concrete bridges being designed today.

  • CAPP

    CAPP is a fully functional 2-D pushover program with unique and unprecedented analytical and modeling capabilities.


    AVI FILE CREATOR allows the user to create computer animation of the section under the applied loading while simultaneously showing a graph of the response.

Software Requirements and Ordering Information

CAPP is a Windows based program that runs under any Windows 32-bit OS and has the following hardware requirements.
  • 16MB RAM (32MB of RAM recommended)
  • 5MB of free hard drive space needed for CAPP
What is included?
  • Software media
  • On-line Help System
  • Warranty
  • 30 Day Free Support
Please send inquires to Koung Thao at
Annual support, maintenance and enhancements will be provided by TRC for an additional, optional fee.

Customer Support includes:
  • Customer assistance by fax,telephone and e-mail.
  • Assistance in data preparation and interpretation of results.
You can always email our technical support at