Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General License Questions

When launching the program I get this error message: "iai.key does not exist. Install original key file(iai.key)."

Your license key file has not been placed in the correct directory, is missing or is corrupt and needs to be replaced

Do you have a network version of each program?

Yes, there is a network version for each program and for enterprise applications we offer a WAN license scenario as well.
Please email Koung Thao for details

Is there a price difference between the single user license and a network license?

Yes, a network license is twice the cost of a single user license.

Do we accept international orders?

Yes we accept international orders.

For international orders how is payment made to TRC?

For all international orders payment must be wired in advance into our bank account. Once payment has been confirmed received we can send out the software to the client.

How fast can we get the software once we place an order?

Once an order has been placed we can have the client download the software and use it immediately

I am requesting an educational license why have I not heard back from TRC with my request?

Due to the high volume of educational license request you will need to provide all information in your request email. In your email you will need to provide contact information such as email/telephone # for your instructor, university course name, university course number, university address and which software you are interested in using. If any information in the request email is missing you will not get a response back from our staff.

I have more questions, what is the best way to contact TRC?

You can always email your questions at or call us at (916) 366-0683